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Good Advice is Always a Good Idea

Many construction materials can be used for a wide variety of applications. But there are always situations where a specific product is the choice of preference. And that’s why we always like to give our customers the benefit of our advice before shipment. Especially when it comes to unusual applications or special requirements, our customers can count on us to provide the advice and expertise they need.

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Steel plates

Versatile and strong

Steel plates can be deployed as portable roadways for heavy vehicles, as protection for embankments and roundabouts or simply to distribute loads in the case of unstable ground. Steel road plates have been found to be particularly suitable for portable roadways Steel and can also be used for tracked vehicles. One big advantage of steel plates is that they permit simple handling.:

We rent steel plates in two sizes:
5.00 × 1.50 × und 6.00 × 1.80 m

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Ekki Bog Mats

Unsurpassed strength and durability

Our bog mats are made of ekki (also known as azobé or red ironwood), which is extremely hard and therefore requires no steel reinforcement. Its high density makes this wood ideal for hydraulic construction as it hardly absorbs any water – its weight remains constant. Our hardwood bog mats are 7.5cm thick and 5.0m long. This size is available from current production, and special dimensions are available upon request. Bog mats are used to create accessways for construction vehicles on boggy ground, to bridge trenches or similar purposes. A special crane and especially trained employees are available to ship and install bog mats.

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Transport of portable roadways

Transport and Installation of Portable Roadways

Our special-purpose vehicles for transporting timber and portable roadways can handle loads of up to a maximum of 18.7 metric tons and are equipped with a hydraulic crane with a capacity of up to 3.5 tons. Our drivers have been especially trained to install portable roadways on site.

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