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Lonsdorfer has the qualified personnel and equipment it takes to reduce the time taken for oil service while at the same time reducing the risk and increase the quality.

In addition, optimal logistics, precise oil analysis and the use of high-performance oils and lubricants can significantly reduce downtime.

More than just a job.

Outstanding Class Offshore Oilservices

Our oil change technicians operate throughout Europe. They are exceptionally well qualified and of course have all necessary health, safety and professional certification. With the oil change modules developed by Lonsdorfer specifically for offshore use, they can offer unsurpassed oil-change service even under difficult conditions.

The Lonsdorfer offshore-oil-change modules are trucked to the respective port to be transported to the offshore site by service vessel. These modules come with everything required to carry out standardized oil changes for gearboxes and hydraulic systems on WTGs with hub heights of up to 170 m.

Technical highlights

  • Change of gearbox and hydraulic oil in a closed system
  • Indirect heating of oil inside the oil-change module to avoid pressure and temperature damage
  • Quality assurance through multiple filtering of oil pursuant to DIN ISO 4406
  • Additional filtration of the gearbox and hydraulic oil inside the Lonsdorfer oil-change module
  • Gearbox and hydraulic oil flushing if required
  • Change of filters for gearbox and hydraulic equipment
  • Special lining inside hoses with a length of up to 170 meters to avoid particle deposits
  • Special purge pumps guarantee virtually complete evacuation of oil from gearbox/pitch system
  • Separate tank for used oil and documentation of disposal
  • Anti-freeze for coolant systems, etc.

Competence guaranteed.


We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our services. After all, that’s the only way we can count on your business over the long term. And that's why have adopted and deployed the following standards:

It’s all about Know-How.


Being a leading European provider of oil services for Offshore WTGs is more than an achievement for us – it’s a responsibility. Our oil service crews are used to working on turbines from all major vendors and have been trained accordingly.

Please contact us if you would like a list of references.


Development of an Offshore Service Module (LOOSM)

Peter Lonsdorfer GmbH & Co. KG is developing a service unit to enable offshore oil changes on wind turbines.

Compared to the oil change units currently available on the market, this solution will be more environmentally friendly and contribute to the reduction of C02 emissions.

The project is supported by the “Landesprogramm Wirtschaft” with funds from the EFRE and the state of Schleswig-Holstein.