Operating in three business fields

· Onshore oil change · Offshore oil change · Special transports

Our business fields

  • Special transports

Our own haulage company, with a fleet of over 40 trucks and special trailers, with which we can transport up to 60 tonnes under tarpaulin.

Every year, we transport over 1,500 wind turbine gearboxes from various manufacturers throughout Europe. Our transport portfolio also includes rotor shafts, generators and transformers with a high point weight as well as tool containers.


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  • Onshore Oil Service

In 1995, Lonsdorfer was the first company in the world to start professionally changing gearbox oil on wind turbines. To date, more than 20,000 onshore oil changes have been carried out on wind turbines throughout Europe.

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  • Offshore Oil Service

Various mobile units have been developed for offshore oil changes. These offshore units can be loaded onto a ship and taken to the wind farm for use. To date, Lonsdorfer has already successfully carried out over 500 offshore oil changes.

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Guaranteed expertise


In order to constantly improve our quality and to be a reliable partner for you in the long term, we have integrated the following standards into our company:


  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system
  • DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system
  • DIN EN ISO 45001:2018 Management system for occupational health and safety
  • Certified waste management company
  • AEO: Authorised economic operator for customs simplification/security
  • EU licence: For cross-border commercial road haulage


The history of Lonsdorfer

Purchase of the company by Malte Jessen and Maren Lege- Thomsen


Implementation of occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001


Expansion of the vehicle fleet with our own escort vehicles for heavy haulage


First offshore oil changes


AEO certification as authorised economic operator for customs simplifications


Foundation of Peter Lonsdorfer UK Ltd. in Scotland


- Implementation of quality management DIN EN ISO 9001/ environmental management DIN EN ISO 14001

- Significant increase in the existing fleet to 36 tractor units and 55 trailers


Implementation of additional occupational safety standards (SCC**)


Expansion of the forwarding sector to heavy goods transport


Certification as a certified waste management company for waste oils


Entry into lubricant trading and service for wind turbines


Handover of responsibility to the next generation to Werner Lonsdorfe


Establishment as the leading heating oil supplier in northern Germany


Company relocates to Husum


Development and expansion of trade in timber and flood construction materials


Foundation of the haulage company Peter Lonsdorfer e.K. by Peter Lonsdorfer on Nordstrand (Northern Germany)